Our Services

From your dream home garage door to repair, we offer a wide range of services. We start every job with our signature 20 point inspection to ensure the success on each project.


Garage Door Replacement / New Construction

When replacing or installing a new garage door and opener there is a lot of prep to make sure the job is done right the first time. A thorough onsite inspection provides us all the correct information such as measurements, type of construction and styles of garage doors that will fit the home or structure perfectly.

Service / Repairs

When it comes to service calls, we treat all calls as if the garage door was our own. We start every job with a 20-point safety inspection. Completing safety inspections allows us to assure you the repairs recommended are in fact necessary to fix all problems that are relevant and potentially catastrophic.



To most, the garage door may seem like a simple operation, but there are, in fact, at least 30 moving parts on your door. All these parts have an operational cycle limit. Your garage door system needs to be maintained correctly to give you the quality of service you expect over its years of functional life. Parts will wear out if not routinely lubricated and checked for rust. Failing to do routine maintenance will shorten the cycle life of your door causing a simple repair to be more expensive or catastrophic.

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