Safeguarding Your Home and Workplace from Garage Door Accidents

Garage doors, while convenient, can pose potential safety hazards if not properly maintained and operated. As trusted garage door experts, Auburn Garage Door Solutions is committed to educating homeowners and businesses about garage door safety, providing insights into accident statistics and effective preventive measures.

Garage Door Accident Statistics: A Cause for Concern

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), over 20,000 people are injured annually due to garage door accidents. These incidents range from minor pinches to severe crushing injuries, with children being vulnerable.

Preventing Garage Door Accidents at Home

Common Causes of Garage Door Accidents

  1. Entrapment: Children playing near or under the garage door can be trapped as the door closes.
  2. Pinching: Fingers can get caught in the spring mechanisms, rollers, or tracks, leading to serious injuries.
  3. Glass Breakage: Older garage doors may lack shatterproof glass, increasing the risk of injuries from broken glass.
  4. Mechanical Failures: Faulty springs, cables, or rollers can cause the door to malfunction, posing safety hazards.
  5. Backing into a Closed Door: This often occurs when the driver forgets to open the door fully before backing out.

Preventing Garage Door Accidents at Home

  1. Install Safety Mechanisms: Photo-eye or pressure-sensing door retractors are essential for preventing entrapment.
  2. Regular Inspections: Check the door’s movement, sensors, springs, hinges, and tracks monthly for any abnormalities.
  3. Keep Children Away: Supervise children around the garage door and teach them about safety hazards.
  4. Consider Pinch-Proof Doors: These doors reduce the risk of finger entrapment.

Preventing Garage Door Accidents at Work

  1. Implement Safety Measures: Install safety sensors, perform regular inspections, and ensure proper door alignment.
  2. Address Malfunctions Promptly: Contact a professional like Auburn Garage Door Solutions for any malfunctions.
  3. Clear the Track: Remove any objects that could obstruct the door’s movement.
  4. Employee Training: Educate employees about garage door safety and proper operation procedures.

Auburn Garage Door Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for Garage Door Safety

At Auburn Garage Door Solutions, we prioritize the safety of our customers. Our team of experienced technicians provides comprehensive garage door services, including sales, installation, replacement, repair, and inspection. We are committed to safeguarding homes and workplaces from garage door accidents through expert service and comprehensive safety education.

Reach out to Auburn Garage Door Solutions today to schedule a professional garage door inspection and ensure the safety of your home or workplace.

Additional Resources

By following these safety tips, you can help to prevent garage door accidents and keep your children safe.